unravel 2021: call for artwork concepts

unravel 2021: call for artwork concepts

Our next unravel… a festival of yarn will take place 12-14 February 2021 and we are already hard at work with our planning. One of the most important elements is the creation of the artwork that will be used on social media and across all of our marketing for the upcoming show. Which is the point we’re now at in our planning process.

We are currently looking for an artist/illustrator/graphic designer/creative talent to design the image for unravel 2021 and are opening the call to all!

This call for submissions is for concepts only, not a finished design. From the submissions we receive we will choose one artist to work with to take their concept through to finished artwork. The selected artist will be paid a flat fee of £250 for their work on the project.

The creative brief

We are looking for artwork concepts that:

  • reflect the world of knitting, crochet and the fibre arts
  • is modern, contemporary and inclusive
  • is approachable, friendly and welcoming and that will generate excitement about the upcoming festival
  • reflects our brand: authentic, playful, friendly, eclectic
  • can be varied/split up into different versions (such as digital badges for teachers, exhibitors, and visitors)

Your submission should include:

  • a pencil/line drawing/image of your concept
  • any accompanying notes about the concept regarding how you would finish it including use of colour, pattern, techniques, etc
  • links to your website/porfolio and/or Instagram account so that we can know more about you as an artist

Deadline for submissions is end of day Monday, 3 August 2020. Click here to submit your artwork concept.

Project Timing

We will select an artist to work with by Friday, 7 August and hope to have final artwork by early to mid September.

Additional Details

You can have a look at past unravel festivals in our archives for inspiration.

Farnham Maltings is a proud supporter of BIPOC in Fiber and we welcome submissions from all artists. Click here for more information on our equal opportunities policy.

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