thread 2018: q&a with Zuzana Lalikova

thread 2018: q&a with Zuzana Lalikova

Zuzana Lalikova is a London based designer/maker working with fibre and textiles.and her work is heavily influenced by tradition and traditional crafts. She creates embroidery artworks of varying scales from her studio in SW London, blurring lines between art and craft and will once again be teaching at thread… a festival of textiles in 2018.

We wanted to learn more about her work and inspiration ahead of the festival and she was kind enough to find time to answer our questions

Could you tell us a bit about yourself as an artist and maker?

In my family everyone makes things as a hobby. My both grandmothers embroider, knit and crochet. Even my granddad embroidered and did macramé. And my mum is a great knitter. This definitely had a huge effect on me when I was growing up Zuzana resizedand, of course, I went on to study textiles at a university. I graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012 and have been running my own one woman show pretty much since then. I have concentrated mostly on embroidery, making large scale hand embroidered wall hangings that have been exhibited internationally and I also teach various embroidery workshops.

You describe yourself as influenced by tradition and traditional crafts. In what way does this passion and interest inspire your creativity?

I am very interested in working with traditional techniques that are on a brink of dying out or are seen as not very popular. And then I try to make people interested in them again by creating new fresh designs and through workshops.

You use colours so effectively and for stunning results. Do you have a certain colour palette that you are drawn to?

I just love bright colours, all of them at the same time. I especially love how they pop on a dark background.

DSC_2137_smallerCan you tell us some more about needlepoint and why you are drawn to the craft?

I love the limitless options and variations that this technique offers. I don’t normally plan my designs when working with this type of embroidery. I just stretch the fabric and make things up along the way. It is working in this intuitive way that I enjoy most about needlepoint.

 What can people expect from your workshop at thread 2018 and who would enjoy such a craft?

They won’t be expected to make patterns up as they go (unless they want to) but will be given a simple template to follow. I will show them how to translate this template into stitching directly without having to draw on the fabric by counting threads. As I mentioned earlier I love colours so they will have a huge range of them to choose from to stitch their designs and they will be able to take home a finished hoop that will be ready for display.

We are delighted to welcome you back to thread 2018. What do you enjoy most about teaching and taking part in events such as thread?

It’s always great to have an opportunity to share my passion with likely minded people. The atmosphere at thread is always very warm and welcoming and there is something for everyone. It’s a very well organized event.


Zuzana Lalikova is teaching a workshop on Contemporary Needlepoint at thread 2018. You can buy your ticket here. Full workshop details, programme and a full exhibitor listings are available here

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thread 2018…a festival of textiles is on Sat 30 June l 9am-6pm. The day tickets are on sale here!


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