Stitching Together  

Farnham Maltings are excited to be working with British textile artist Alice Kettle on a project that celebrates the organisation’s contribution to the shape and character of the town.The project and resulting artwork places an emphasis on the ‘everydayness of craft’ and offers an opportunity to work with people and communities within our network, and the wider reach of the town. We chose to work with Alice because of her experience in working with communities as central to her practice as an artist. 

Working with local schools we have collected drawings from children that will be interpreted by Alice and reimagined in stitch on fabric by local community groups and the general public. Primary school children were encouraged to look at their local landscape and the world around them, flora and fauna, their home, their town. Secondary school children were asked to draw symbols and images of contemporary life such as graffiti, signs, people, food or whatever else strikes them. 

Please click here to read a PDF about the project and how you can participate.

Alice Kettle is a professor of textile art at Manchester School of Art. This project is also part of her research.

Contribute to the project by stitching a square!

Watch Alice talk about the Stitching Together project

Email us and we’ll send you a square of your own to stitch that will be added to the artwork!

Thank you to everyone for sending us your drawings!

The individual stitched designs will be incorporated into a larger design created by Alice that uses bright colours to represent the landscape and town of Farnham. The completed artwork will be a series of textile banners that can be hung together as a single piece, or separately in different spaces.   

Stitching Together is part of the Future Arts Centres’ Here & Now Project celebrating 25 years of the National Lottery.






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