Riverside Cafe Gallery – Ann Davidson, North from Suderland

Riverside Cafe Gallery – Ann Davidson, North from Suderland

The Riverside Café Gallery at the Farnham Maltings is delighted to present the work from Scotland based artist Ann Davidson. Ann is an alumnus from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, then known as the West Surrey College of Art and Design. The artist makes atmospheric mixed media pieces, depicting desolate landscapes.

In North from Sutherland, Ann presents a series of abstracted landscapes in the Riverside Café Gallery. Sutherland is situated at the northern end of mainland Scotland. It was the Southern Land of the Vikings. Ann Davidson, a native of this county, traveled north to see what she calls ‘Sutherland, exaggerated’. The project represents ten years’ work inspired by the artist’s travels, from the northern end of mainland Scotland to places as far as the Arctic. Ann uses collage and watercolour, conveying the harmony of the elemental landscapes of these places.


We asked Ann some questions about her works and what inspires them.

Who do you believe has influenced your career & what inspired you to start?

My desire to tell the world about the dramatic Sutherland landscapes was what started my career. My parents; visual matters mattered to them and were talked about by them.


A 1256

Blesi Pool, Geysir, Iceland

If you could pick one; what is your favourite piece of work, that you have created, and why?

Blesi Pool, Geysir, Iceland (pictured right). I feel it succeeds in evoking the mystery and oddness of the Icelandic landscape. The blackness conveys the austerity of its being elemental. The piece is large (43 x 45 inches) and has impact for that reason. Although the textures of the blue pool are not realistic, I feel they evoke its beauty and strangeness.


What are you working on at the moment?

I have been working on proofs of the giclee prints. This is because the printing process makes colour values different from those of original pieces and so prints have to be assessed largely independently of them.


Where do you find the ideas for your work?

In landscapes which are elemental and pristine.


What are you doing when you are not creating?

I am gathering information about family members who lived before the age of high technology.


Ilulissat  Greenland low res

Ilulissat Greenland

If you can name one, what is your proudest achievement?

To have gone to Greenland and to have painted it.


What is the most indispensable item in your studio?

My pencil. I need it for making registration marks on pieces of painted paper and on paper I use as support for them.


Where is your favourite place to see art?

Ontario, because of the number of works by Lawren Harris which are there. He is my favourite artist. I find his landscapes of Canada harmonic, dramatic and visually `clean` and, consequently, uplifting.


Ann Davidson was born in 1950 and grew up in Tongue and Helmsdale. Completing her foundation course at Guildford and at Hatch Mill, Farnham, Ann then studied textile design at Hornsey College of Art. At Hornsey she began using images of the Sutherland mountains, printed onto fabric. Since 1986 Ann has been working with abstracted landscapes in the form of collage. Although based in Lancaster since 1979, the artist lived in North America for several years, always returning to Sutherland.



Ann’s exhibition is on view in the cafe from 2nd until 30th October 2015 with opening reception on Friday 9th October, from 6.30pm until 8pm. We hope to see you then.

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