Repair Cafés – Martin Charter

Repair Cafés – Martin Charter, 11.15 am, Long Kiln Gallery 

Enjoy a fascinating insight into the origin of Repair Cafes, Farnham Repair Café, repair in general and specific textile and clothing issues with Professor Martin Charter, Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design ®, UCA Farnham, and Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees of Farnham Repair Café.

About Farnham Repair Café

Farnham Repair Café (FRC) is a charity based on a strategic collaboration between The Centre for Sustainable Design ® at UCA, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham Town Council and United Reformed Church.

The Farnham Repair Café (FRC) offers a monthly ‘Place and Space’ for Farnham’s citizens to come and get products fixed and to “share in the repair”. It is managed by a Board of Trustees that includes a range of technical and management experience. FRC is funded through donations at events and small grants.

Twitter: @FarnhamRepairC

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