Rebecca Bruton – ‘Nature in Stitch’

‘Nature in Stitch’ by Rebecca Bruton – exhibition in the Riverside Cafe 

Inspired by the natural world and its beauty, Rebecca explores the aesthetics of nature’s bounty through textiles and stitch.

Her Riverside Cafe Gallery exhibition will feature the following works:


A study into the form and beauty of green plants, the positive impact they can have on our urban environments and the restorative effects they can have on our physical and mental well being.

Fruits and Vegetables

A collection of vibrant fruits and vegetables made for exhibition within the NHS to celebrate the joys of healthy eating during National Nutrition Week.


An exploration of the diverse and intricate shapes and vibrant colours found within the world of seeds. A selection of seeds that focus on those with a vulnerable conservation status, those that are aesthetically interesting or are familiar to our everyday. A use of vintage fabrics marring with the vulnerability of seed: once used gone forever.

About Rebecca 

Rebecca Bruton is a textile artist based in South Somerset, specialising in freemotion embroidery and applique to build up vibrant textile artworks. She uses a sewing machine as a tool to mix colours and ‘paint’ her work with a free-hand style using threads and vintage fabrics. Rebecca was named the Somerset Art Works Emerging Artist of 2018, then shortly after she was selected as a member of the ‘Society for Embroidered Work’, a worldwide society that promotes stitch within artwork. Her work now features in multiple publications and she exhibits across the UK.

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Twitter : @rbrutontextiles

Rebecca Bruton’s exhibition ‘Nature in Stitch’ is in the Riverside Cafe for thread… a festival of textiles on Sat 08 June and runs from 25 May and until 20 June 2019.  For  Rebecca’s blog about the show, click here.