Arrivals and Departures

In June 2013 we launched Arrivals & Departures which enabled us to add an international element to our craft programme. Proposals were invited for Departures from craft makers in the South East and Hampshire regions to submit an idea to make an international visit for professional development which will enrich and underpin their contemporary craft practice. Suggested ideas could be a research study trip to discover new materials, meet a particular gallery to explore exhibition opportunities, or form new networks with other craft makers.

To engage with critical discourse and strengthen our understanding of contemporary craft practice, we proposed to invite three international craft makers or curators to visit the South East. By inviting them to share their practice through talks, workshops or a master class, we intended to enrich the range of skills and thinking for craft makers across the region.

The aim of this project was to offer an exchange of knowledge, expertise and development of new skills for the craft maker, the international partner, and for our region in the South East.

The following makers were selected to make international trips for Departures:

Alice Kettle & Matt Smith: Visited Venice Biennale to research the possibilities for exhibiting there in 2015

Gavin Fry: Visited Boston Museum of Fine Art to research The Daphne Farrago Collection in January 2014.

Tom McWalter & Anne Marie O’Sullivan: They visited basket maker and split wood specialist Lluis Grau in Galicia

Caitlin Heffernan: Visited The Museum of Art & Design, The Sculpture Centre and other makers & curators in New York in March 2014.

Emily Hall: Visited Red Location Heritage-Museum, Starways Gallery, Titsikama KoiSan Village and other galleries in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in South Africa


Betsy Greer joined us at unravel…a festival of knitting 2014 to give the talk Craftivism – Betsy discussed how people are using knitting and stitching to improve the world. Click here for Betsy’s notes from unravel 2014.

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Bristol Ivy joined us at unravel…a festival of knitting 2015 to give the talk ‘Knitting Outside the Box’ with a Q&A by Pom Pom Quarterly.

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Annemor Sundbø joined us at unravel…a festival of knitting 2015 to give the talk ‘Treasures from a rag pile’ with a Q&A by Pom Pom Quarterly.