unravel logo – the new design

unravel logo – the new design

When we decided the unravel logo deserved a little refresh for 2017’s festival, who better to discuss designs options with than local artist, maker and unravel supporter, Eleanor Thomas.   Multi- talented Eleanor picked up the brief and worked her magic and we finally decided on this lovely ‘stamp’ design which you will see on all unravel promo materials from now on. We talked with Eleanor to get the scoop on the new logo and what it is about unravel that she loves so much…..

Round logo grey

‘New!’ unravel logo for 2017


We love the new unravel logo, launched for 2017 Eleanor. What inspired you and how did you go about designing the new look?

I was looking for something simple that encapsulated what unravel is all about. The festival attracts all lovers of textiles; spinners, weavers, crocheters, dyers, felters as well as knitters, so it was important to show what linked all these people.  The link, of course, is yarn.  Thetitle of the festival written in yarn seemed the perfect solution.

 We know you are super talented as an artist (obviously) as well as a textile craftsperson. Where did your love of textiles come from? Marion's lovely knitted tea cosy ET

My love of textiles was probably triggered by my maternal grandmother who was an extremely talented craftswoman. She could turn her hand to anything – knitting, lacemaking, crocheting, sewing, soft toy making, glove making and all exquisitely rendered.  I would watch her and be her ‘assistant’, selecting buttons, stuffing toys and knitting squares for my teddy

And, there’s another string to your bow as you’re a sewer too; is there any creative form you haven’t tried and fancy dabbling in?

Although it isn’t new I would like to return to weaving. I enjoyed it at college where I was studying for a Fashion/Textiles degree but dropped the subject in preference to machine knitting.

Sleeve pen sketch ETYou are a staunch supporter of unravel. Why do you have such a love of the festival?

I have attended every unravel festival since it started. I still can’t believe my luck that there is this amazing annual event on my doorstep here in Farnham.  It is such a great meeting place for all those interested in yarn textiles and there is no better place to go for the variety of stands and workshops, and, of course, not forgetting the talks throughout the long weekend.  You definitely cannot beat the great buzzy atmosphere.

Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to at this year’s event?

As always there is so much happening at unravel 2017 that I may have to attend the whole three days. I know my ‘knit’ friends are excited about Louisa Harding coming to give a workshop but we are all torn as the workshops by Alison Ellen, Nancy Marchant and Rachel Coopey are all going to be fascinating and then Karen Lacey is going to be leading a session on crocheting baskets, which is something I would really like to do.  I have attended at least one workshop most years and they have all been very different and all so useful and enjoyable.

Do you have any creative ‘heroes’ in the art world? Are there any bloggers, writers, creative types that you follow?

This is a difficult question as I tend to follow blogs by those who sew and do textiles as well as those that sketch and design. I think that it is good just to keep an eye out at what everyone is doing and attend festivals like unravel where you have an opportunity to meet people who follow different disciplines.

What’s in the pipeline for you next Eleanor? Some of the items in my knitting  bag pen and watercolour ET

I have had a very busy, action-packed 2016 so I hope to ease slowly into 2017. I have a couple of art/design projects that I plan to pursue starting in the new year but until then I am relaxing!

unravel… a festival of knitting runs from Friday 17 Feb to Sunday 19 Feb 2017. For tickets visit farnhammaltings,com

Tickets for Friday, (11am – 5pm) here

Tickets for Saturday, (10am – 5pm) here

Tickets for Sunday, (10am – 4pm) here

To keep up to date with news, workshops and speakers as the programme is announced,keep an eye on our site craft.farnhammaltings.com and dedicted unravel pages here.

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