unravel 2018 : q&a with TextileGarden

unravel 2018 : q&a with TextileGarden

We are thrilled that TextileGarden will be bringing their gorgeous selection of buttons, pins, fasteners and trimmings and to unravel 2018. We asked owner Maggie to tell us some more about her company and what unravel visitors can expect to find on their exhibitor stand.

Please can you tell us some more about how TextileGarden came to be?  buttons 4

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved making things but generally I’d say I’m definitely better at sewing than knitting. I am a qualified soft furnisher but I also love traditional upholstery. I’ve been fortunate to visit some interesting places and always seemed to find myself returning home with cloth both new and antique, yarn and other craft stuff – loads of it!

Often I wondered why I wasn’t doing the same here in UK? There are some fabulous suppliers of fabrics and the best yarn anywhere but in my opinion the buttons offered were not so interesting. Why spend time and money creating something fabulous, only to finish it off with something less than great? So for the past 12 years I’ve been trying to fill the gap via TextileGarden

What is the best part of owning and running your own creative business?

Being ablebuttons 3 to purchase the things I like whenever I see them and hopefully, someone else will like what I choose. The fun of looking for new designs that are made beautifully and have an eye on what’s going on in the world of fashion. I get to visit many of the factories that make things for me and meet the skilled people who make them. My budget is my own and I can choose how I spend it, without having to justify to anyone. I have a purchasing background and it’s proved very useful, I’m pretty good at sourcing.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

Fashion, magazines, exhibitions, junk shops/antiques, art! The same as most people I suppose? Everything comes around again but perhaps in a different colour or fabric but the influence is there. I’m definitely not a minimalist but I like small, discrete details.

  The visitors (and other exhibitors ☺) are thrilled that you are returning to unravel. For those new to the festival, could you tell us some more about the lovely stock they will find you selling? 

As I’m writing this I’m surrounded by boxes of new stock and more is due soon so, where do I start? Well as a person who likes making shirts, I’ve bought buttons for button downs. Those tiny matching shell and imitation tortoise shell buttons used on collars, pockets and cuff plackets are so hard to find. With warmer weather in mind – beautiful muted shades of rose/brick, cool green and pale mauve matt shell, some with tiny splatters. I’ve bought quite a few transparent buttons, some with black streaks and others in smoky muted shades. These are interesting when sewn onto knitwear as the depth of colour changes depending on the colour of yarn used. Fun cactus and pineapple brooches. Lots of new wood and also I thought I try some recycled buttons. Pins and if they arrive in time, some new snaps and lots more.

buttons 2

You have been coming to unravel for many years. What do you enjoy about the festival and what are you looking forward to this year?

I always look forward to unravel, it is such a friendly show. Seeing all the beautiful yarns, books, crochet and accessories that are offered by the fantastic stallholders and not forgetting the visitors. The whole building is full of crafty people and there’s a great atmosphere.

Oh and I can also drive home each evening as it’s not too far from where I live.

Have you any tips for visitors on how to get the most out of a day at a yarn show?

I’d say have a good look around first, make a note of anything that really grabs you and importantly, the name of the stand. Have a coffee, then go and shop.

This is what I’m suggesting but if I’m honest, I just buy it! Have fun!

TextileGarden is just one of over 70 exhibitors in the unravel marketplace. Click here to see the full exhibitor listing.


Tickets for unravel 2018 are on sale now!  Although £7 early bird (limited numbers) have sold out, click on the links below to purchase your £8 advance ticket (available until noon on Thu 15 February).  Tickets are £10 on the door and under 15s come in for free.

Fri 16 Feb   11:00–17:00

Sat 17 Feb  10:00–17:00

Sun 18 Feb 10:00–16:00

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