Riverside Café Gallery: Concrete Cascade

Riverside Café Gallery: Concrete Cascade

Concrete Cascade: Aimee-Sofia Brown, Anna Harrison, Gavin Withey, Sian Wright

The Riverside Café Gallery is thrilled to present new exhibition Concrete Cascade, a celebration of urban photography with an almost ‘brutalist’ edge. The works border monument and ruin: exploring ideas of the everyday, transience and the city.

Anna and Sian’s photographic practices edge between realism and surrealism, assuming a dreamlike quality. The viewer is rendered in the unknown, fictional landscape, offering motifs that touch upon the uncanny.Office building planet resized

Aimee and Gavin’s documentary photography capture the overlooked, often mundane elements of the street that often emulate a sense of melancholy. The monochrome gives a ‘Romantic’ feel to the imagery, inviting the viewer into the piece: however on closer inspection sometimes pushing back, due to subject matter or layered and fleeting composition.


We spoke to the very talented Anna Harrison to find out more about her inspiring work.  Anna, what are you working on at the moment and where do you find ideas for your work?

My current works are loosely exploring the concepts of mortality, nature, transgression, time and loss. My work is heavily tainted with surrealist elements, through this form I confront and challenge poignant topics which may otherwise be avoided.


What medium do you use in your practice and why?

Photography has always been the medium which my explorations develop through, this sub genres of photography have always appealed to me, so I am currently still exploring these to find one which strongly resonates.


What motivates you to make work and who do you believe has influenced your career and inspired you to start?

I have always responded artistically to androgynous questions. Through the process of image making I can delve further and experience more through the conversations my art provokes which is what makes art a shared experience. It allows individuals from any walk of life to communicate. An artist which always embodied this aspect to me is Sally Mann who once said ‘’I like to make people a little uncomfortable. It encourages them to examine who they are and why they think the way they do”.


If you could name one, what is your favourite piece of work you have created, and why?

At this current time, I am still in the early stages of my career so my favourite work seems to translate to the next image of the current project. As an artist, I continuously strive to that next image.


Aldershot appartments resized

If you can name one, what is your proudest achievement?

I would say university has been my greatest achievement, I am currently studying a Masters in Fine Art Photography which has been my biggest challenge due to the accelerated pace of development in my work. University is messy, it pushes you around, opens you up and makes you look at what you doing and why, it’s difficult but you leave with your eyes open to everything you elements you would usual over look.


What is the most indispensable item in your studio?

My notebook. It holds every idea, every step, each next possibility for the work to divert. To me it is almost a diary of my journey through my artistic development, when I get stuck it could be a small doodle in the back or a side note that gets me back on track.


Where is your favourite place to see art?

The University of Creative Arts.  There are thousands of exhibitions all over the UK but it’s the projects of students that inspire me most, they are so raw and so honest yet untainted by any foreign elements. It’s a time where you simply express.

Riverside Café Gallery, Farnham Maltings

28 July – 18 August 2017 (free exhibition during Café opening hours)


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