Sustainable textiles

Sewing for Good Causes: Sustainable Textiles

Another of our Cellar Bar demonstrations and have a go opportunities exploring the ethical and social benefits of textiles. Join Brigitte Kaltenbacher as she demonstrates and shares sustainable approaches to textiles developed during her MA at the UCA Farnham.

See demonstrations and have a go yourself at mending techniques fitting with the ethos of make do & mend, which aims to give items of clothes a new lease of life and keep them from turning to landfill waste.  Brigitte strongly believes in the idea that each of us can make a difference. In her own words; “By simply fixing a button, or creating button art like funky necklaces, you can have fun, be creative and do your bit for the environment.”

Demonstrations and activities include:

  • Applique, hands on and hand stitched
  • Button art, sewing a button
  • Demonstrations of visible and invisible jeans repairs
  • Demos of patchwork
  • Darning and ‘fake darning’ (weave or knit patches to go on heels and toes)


Brigitte will encourage you to discover or rediscover simple repair skills, and even get creative with them!  All skills can be used to mend and repair clothing or textiles, but also to upcycle and make little craft / art items to treasure.