Rachel Brown: Dyeing Science

Dyeing Science: from Inspiration to Colourway with Rachel Brown 

Friday 20 February, 4pm – 5pm (approx.), Long Kiln Gallery

Come join us for a journey through the origin of some of Porpoise Fur’s science-inspired colourways, from the laboratory bench to finished dyed fibre. Rachel will discuss the images that started the process and how those colours do (or don’t!) translate well to fibre or yarn.

Rachel had been throwing dye on wool for many years before opening Porpoise Fur in late 2012. Her original range of semisolid colourways inspired by stains and dyes used in molecular and cellular biology has expanded to include colourways inspired by insects, viruses and famous female scientists. Come join us to hear about her process as she shares some of the stories behind her colours and fibres.

About Rachel

Rachel Brown has a PhD in Neuroscience and has been working in small laboratories with no windows for more then 15 years. She started translating scientific images and concepts to fibre colourways since 2012. In addition to science and dyeing, she spins, knits, designs and tech edits, filling up every available spare moment she can with woolly pursuits.