Oliver Olsen

On display at festival of crafts 2018 – Perception by Oliver Olsen 

Oliver Olsen’s final masters sculpture was based on repeat pattern, he wanted to investigate the way light and space interacted with materials to create a unique sculpture that would intrigue viewers. Oliver experimented with a wide range of materials including wood, plastics and metal. He was able to visualise and render models virtually before constructing the final piece. Through rigorous testing and experimenting he developed a unique wave tile that creates the sculpture called Perception. The sculpture Perception was completely handcrafted by Oliver, using industrial design processes and hand skills.

The structure is designed to create a sense of engagement and understanding while challenging the nature of perceptions. Viewers are encouraged to walk around the sculpture to see the dynamic effects of light reflect off the glistening tiles. Oliver is currently now working as an Artist in Residence at the University for the Creative arts in Farnham. He is also taking individual and commercial commissions with a desire to work with different materials, industries and environments. He also still wishes to continue developing unique and beautiful products that people find inspiring.