lyndsey blackwood

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I’m Lyndsey Blackwood, better known as the Countess, and founded a independent yarn dyeing studio in 2011. Now based in Manchester city centre with a three floor mixed used space for manufacturing, retail and events, I’m an accredited Living Wage Employer.

I am also the founder of Tits Out Collective that raised over £55,000 in July 2018 for charity, and over £400,000 of revenue, with a unique fundraiser that raised the profiles of over 260 makers who took part.

What makes me different? I have Asperger’s. I see the world differently and think outside of the box. In fact, I smash the box. But this difference allows me the chance to approach business in unexpected and unconventional ways, all with a bit of provocative humour.

At unravel Lyndsey will be teaching