Kate Talbot

Kate Talbot’s exhibition at unravel 2018 will show a wide selection of the artist’s work in wool and stitch.

Tackling themes as diverse as obesity, motherhood and popular culture and addressing a number of social and political issues, Kate’s work is powerful and thought-provoking. It manages to be both personal but resonate with an audience who recognise and identify with such concerns.

Work exhibited in the Long Kiln Gallery will include The Load is With You!  (The gospel according to The Daily Mail), Cinderella and The Big Bang, alongside many others.

About Kate 

Kate Talbot is an artist and illustrator specialising in hand stitched imagery and soft sculpture.

Kate studied Graphic Design and Fine Art before turning her attention to Illustration. She graduated with a Masters from Central St. Martins in 2002 and has been actively exhibiting and working to commission.

Kate’s work is a fusion of mixed media, painting, textiles and embroidery which challenges the viewers’ perceptions. She physically stitches, pulls and twists her work into the images and creations you see. No pattern and no machine. It’s organic, unique and constantly evolving. A method with a soft history catapulted into a hard and modern world.