Julia Billings: Knitting for comfort and speed

Jules Oscar image 740x370 CropKnitting for Comfort and Speed with Julia Billings
Saturday 20 February – 10:30pm – 1:30pm book tickets here

Keen to speed up your knitting, use both hands for colourwork or give your dominant hand a break? This hands-on class is all about increasing your options for how you hold and work with your needles and yarn. There is no “best” way to knit, only what meets your needs for any given project, and you should come away feeling confident to use a combination of knitting styles. You’ll be guided through four major styles- English, Continental, Lever and Portuguese- and learn the pro and cons of each. We’ll also look at some of the ways you can avoid pain and injury from knitting!

Experience level: Starting at advanced beginners but suitable for all levels. Participants need to be able to cast on and off, knit and purl.

Please bring: 50gm of 8-10ply yarn and both your preferred style of needles and (if they are not straight) a pair of straight needles (35cm) in the corresponding size for your yarn.

About Julia Billings 

Jules taught herself to knit twelve years ago in an attempt to keep warm while working outdoors in horticulture- and soon found most of her spare time being spent knitting! Travels and time with inspired teachers further fuelled a love of traditional techniques and working with colour… and it is the reworking and combining of these old skills and techniques with simple, clean design and materials that most inspire her.

Jules firmly believes that the transfer of skills and knowledge is essential to the ongoing development and elevation of the craft. She has taught knitters of all levels in her home town of Melbourne and, since moving Scotland with her husband in 2015, is sharing her take on knitting and natural dyeing with a whole new community. Knitting and plants, her two loves, come together in natural dyes and botanically-inspired colourwork for her shop, woollenflower