Here, Hear Project

Here, Hear Project (2018-19)

(Denise Jones, UCA Farnham)

During the window smashing campaign of 1911-1912 organised by the Women’s Social and Political Union, hundreds of suffragettes were sent to Holloway Prison. As part of the struggle for the right to vote some adopted the hunger strike and many were forcibly fed. During imprisonment some of the women embroidered cloths (bags, panels and handkerchiefs) to record being there.

This project welcomes your participation! Using embroidering, it links the marking of cloth with a needle and thread to the idea of voting, having a voice and literally making your presence felt. Please come and join in.

Denise Jones is a practice as research doctoral student at UCA, Farnham (Textiles). The project will be exhibited in 2020 as part of her practice for completion.