Grace Mortlock

Grace Mortlock – Work & Practice, 4.15 pm, Long Kiln Gallery 

Grace will be giving an introductory talk to her practice, providing an insight into the creation of her exhibiting work and discussing the emotional connection behind their construction. 

Grace’s work explores themes around communication and is heavily influenced by her love for construction and the 3-D form.

The Boxes Series is a poignant commentary on the common trait of compartmentalising emotions and the ease with which individuals can be pigeonholed.  The boxes are malleable in the hand and should be touched.

Her current body of work, embroidery hoops with various textiles and stitches, builds on these themes further. Words are stitched into the fabric which is then reversed so that the reader cannot understand what the marks mean; reflecting the isolation and difficulty of making social connections felt by those who struggle with communication.

Grace studied a BA Hons in Costume Design at Bournemouth before becoming a special education teacher. She is currently studying for a MA in textiles at University of Creative Arts, Farnham.

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