Farnborough College of Technology

Work displayed by first year Fashion and Textiles students from Farnborough College of Technology.

Students were challenged to spend £10 in their local charity shops at North Camp. They had to buy objects/ items of clothing from the shops, style the garments and arrange a photoshoot. When they came back to college they then had to re-imagine them into new outfits through chopping them up, heating, distressing, weaving elements, overdyeing, stitching and adding embellishments.

Students were encouraged to look at sustainable fashion processes and issues affecting the fashion industry today, they were shocked at finding out that the Fashion Industry is the second most polluting industry on earth after watching the Stacey Dooley documentary, ‘Fashions Dirty Secrets’.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the course please contact: Samantha Jones, Course Leader on sam.jones@farn-ct.ac.uk or 01252 407352 or follow on  Instagram @fcotfashion  


Image overleaf: Item by Aimee Cooke

Aimee Cooke – A duvet cover, suit jacket and trousers were turned  into Aimee’s 17th Century inspired costume. Aimee is interested in studying Costume design and as well as looking at 17th century costumes also looked into the Rana Plaza building collapse as her inspiration. In 2013 a garment making factory, the Rana Plaza in Dhaka collapsed killing 1,134 people in less than 90 seconds. The factory made clothes for leading western companies such as Matalan and Primark, workers had pleaded with their managers on the morning of the incident to not allow them in there as cracks had appeared in the building and they were frightened as to what might happen.