The big draw with FADEG

For this years’ Big Draw at festival of crafts, FADEG are being inspired by Hundertwasser. Leading FADEG artist Ann Varlow chose Hundertwasser because the  national theme for the Big Draw this year is “Play” and his work is very playful and colourful.

Ann explains, “FADEG aims to encourage people of all ages in the art of drawing. My own practice is in Fine art where I gained my degree at Farnham’s UCA. The subject of my dissertation was drawing so it is very close to my own heart. I hope by having lots of food items for people to draw using colourful pastels and pencils we can have fun drawing in the style of Hundertwasser and encourage as many people as we can to take part”.

FADEG run the Big Draw both days at festival of crafts. It is free to take part and everyone is welcome to take part.

About FADEG 

Art education in  the  community

Farnham Art and Design Education Group was set up after the 2000 Schools Exhibition. Elizabeth Bagnall [now Honorary President] of Farnham Decorative and Fine Art Society [now Farnham Arts Society] led a group of people who were determined that Farnham’s richness in Art educators should be celebrated regularly through workshops, lectures and discussions. Uniquely it brought together teachers and lecturers working with young people from infants to degree level; mainstream and special needs; state and independent.

In 2012, FADEG introduced community art workers into the organisation. This has created a rich vein of knowledge and enthusiasm to be drawn upon by all of those engaged in art and design activities.