festival of crafts 2019 artist installation – Jennifa Chowdhury

festival of crafts 2019 artist installation – Jennifa Chowdhury

One of the things we love about getting ready for the annual festival of crafts is finding a dramatic work that can be displayed to visitors to the show. This year, we attended the University of the Creative Arts MA graduates show and were captivated by the work of Jennifa Chowdhury.

white and gold lace column

Jennifa’s work reimagines traditional crafts within digital technology through the manipulation of materials which explore cultural multiplicity. Her masters piece is titled The Making of Virtuous Daughters and Wives and is based on a narrative embedded in traditional female ‘Vrata’ rituals of Bengal that join historical and traditional textile crafts into a body of work.

white and gold lace column detail

Jennifa’s pieces investigate and reimagine the fluid and graceful movements and patterns in these craft forms through a process-driven creative practice that has allowed for a series of conceptually challenging and engaging structures that explore light, shadow and movement.

blue and red lace column

Subjects of culture, memory and time are connected through visual representation and aesthetic considerations made through the manipulation of material, pattern and colour. The questioning of stereotypical gendering of these traditional crafts as ‘domesticated’ is made whilst making forms that symbolise fragility, strength and beauty.

blue and red lace column 2

Be sure to pop into the glass box entrance to see Jennifa’s artwork at different times of day to see how it changes and reflects the light at different times. Jennifa’s work is installed in the glass box now until the end of festival of crafts, which runs Sat 26 and Sun 27 October. A selection of scarves made by Jennifa are also available to purchase in the Maltings shop.

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