thread 2018: q&a with Laura Kuile

thread 2018: q&a with Laura Kuile

Laura ter Kuile is returning as an exhibitor to thread… a festival of textiles in 2018 with her beautiful and practical solution to storing sewing thread. We wanted to find out more about Laura and her handmade storage boards and she was kind enough to answer our questions…

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do?

Hello, I’m Laura. I started my own small-scale production of thread storage boards. I make every piece myself from my studio in Bristol.

How did you think about designing and creating your hanging thread holder in the first place and when did you set up your own business? I live in a tiny apartment and I love coming up with creative ways of organising and storing my belongings, including my sewing supplies. I had been looking for a simple yet stylish solution for storing my cotton threads but couldn’t find what I wanted so attempted to make my own. Soon enough I had others asking me for one too. So that is when I started making them on a larger scale.

Could you describe your work in five words?

Practical, simple, space saving – sorry that’s just 4 words thread on boards

Whch material do you use and how long does it take you to create a thread holder?

I use wood which I cut down to size. The dowels I need to shape myself so it is all quite fiddly work. The large pieces probably take me about an hour and a half. But I work in batches so find it hard to say exactly how long.

Which advice would you give to our “messy” sewers to better organise their working space?

Keep the items you use the most within easy reach. I have everything hanging on the wall close to my machines making it easy to just snip, measure or mark whatever I’m working on.

How long have you been sewing and what is the most indispensable tool in your sewing tool kit?

I really got the sewing bug about 4 years ago when I started a job in a fabric shop. My most indispensible tool would have to be my iron and the accessories I’ve made for using with my iron such as my pressing ham and tailors clapper. I’ll be selling some of these too on my stall at thread.

What is the creation/achievement you are the most proud about?

I think it would have to be juggling a small business and having a baby. I didn’t know how that would work before I had her last summer but I am now able to focus on my studio work a little more. But I have so many ideas and so little time so I have to be selective which is always hard.

boardsYou have exhibited at thread in previous years. What do you enjoy most about the festival?

The people! I hadn’t done a fair before with my storage boards so didn’t know what people would think of them, but as soon as I got there all the panicking was for nothing because everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I also love a bit of sewing chit chat so at thread I am in my element – so come find me and have a chat.LtK

Is there anything else you would like to share with us or any hints for visitors to thread to get the most out of their day? I think getting there early is always worth a try. All the stall holders will still be fresh faced and you can take it all in, then get a coffee, contemplate what you might want to buy and then do a second lap past all the stalls.

Laura ter Kuile is one of the many exhibitors in the thread marketplace. More details and a full exhibitor listings are available here 



Further details on the talk, exhibition, participation sessions and the workshop programme will be added on the thread pages here in the forthcoming weeks. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter @maltingscraft and Facebook to keep up to date with news on the festival

thread 2018…a festival of textiles is on Sat 30 June l 9am-6pm. The day tickets are on sale here!



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